May 05

How to set up multiple SteamVR 2.0 base stations

Just like many other developers, we’ve been eagerly waiting for the 2.0 base stations. While they provide several improvements over the first generation, the most interesting to us is the ability to modulate the laser. The old setup used a fixed timing between sweeps from both base stations, so the sensors could distinguish what laser they’ve been hit by trough the timecode. This infrastructure had a significant caveat: The more base stations you would theoretically add to this setup, the lower the tracking frequency on each base station would become.

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April 11

Vive Pro first impressions

Following a long period of anticipation, our first Vive Pro unit arrived. Of course, we immediately started testing, as we want to see whether the device is a good investment for location-based entertainment in comparison to the original Vive. These are our first impressions:

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