Staff Outing and VR Showroom

The Holocafé is a great place for company events. Whether it's a team-building event or a simple staff outing, the Holocafé provides great fun for groups, as our games encourage communication and have been designed with group experiences in mind.

You are developing product or architecture visualizations and want to showcase your work to a customer within a very special ambience? We provide the space to do so with multiplayer courts that can be used with up to four simultaneous users each.

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Do you want to open a Virtual Reality Café in your city? We provide the platform to do just that!

Profit not just from our brand, but also from our custom-developed platform specifically tailored for Virtual Reality Arcades. We provide you with a turn-key solution that handles online booking and payment, age ratings, customer loyalty and most importantly: content! We are continuously developing exclusive content that is not playable anywhere except for at the Holocafé. With our focus on social experiences, you can grow your reach well beyond just providing singleplayer titles. Furthermore, we facilitate licensing with 3rd party developers.

The project is currently in the pilot phase. Feel free to contact us early for special conditions.

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Development of VR/AR applications

Virtual Reality does not only allow you to immerse yourself in games, but also the real world. Whether architecture, product visualization or virtual tourism, VR turns any other linear form of presentation into an interactive experience with true spatial feeling.

Our team is specialized in the authentic and high-end development of realtime visualizations and has a unique experience in social VR on top of that. This allows you to enter virtual worlds together with your clients and introduce them to assets interactively and in full presence.

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