Information on Corona

Important for your next visit

In order to grant you a worry-free visit, we enhance our already sophisticated hygiene standards and implement government regulations for your safety. Here is the most important information for your next visit!

Stage 2

7-day-incidence between 50 and 35

As soon as the 7-day-incidence in your city falls below 50, we are allowed to open again. The following rules apply in addition to the general information listed below:

  • Groups are restricted to 10 people.
  • Guests need to be able to show a negative test result, which is not older than 48 hours.

Stage 1

7-day-incidence below 35 (both state and city)

As soon as the 7-day-incidence falls below 35, the following relaxations to the rules apply:

  • Larger groups are allowed.
  • No negative test is required.

Stage 0

7-day-incidence below 10 (both state and city)

As soon as the 7-day-incidence falls below 10, most regulations are dropped, more specifically:

  • No group size restriction.
  • Guests no longer require masks.
  • No more contact tracing.

Cold Symptoms?

No admittance

If you show symptoms of a cold, we are not allowed to admit you to the café. In case you pre-booked before experiencing symptoms, we can always move the booking to a later date.


15 minutes ahead

We are areducing the number of seats in the café to maintain social distancing. Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes ahead of your session so we can assign seats to you.

Hand Desinfection

on arrival

You are asked to desinfect your hands immediately on arrival. We have placed dispensers at the entrance and in all bathrooms.


of all guests

Every guest needs to be registered with their names and contact data, which will be stored for four weeks to allow the public health office to track down possible infection chains. The data is solely used for this purpose.


to be followed

Our personnel talks you through the important hygiene rules on location and assigns you a seat or Holosuite. Please follow our staff's instructions at all times.