Innovative location-based entertainment

Virtual Reality for Multiplayer

The Holocafé offers a unique concept that is predestined for birthday parties, company events and groups of friends across all ages.

  • Exclusive local multiplayer games
  • A full automization and ticketing platform
  • Longstanding know-how in construction and operations of leisure facilities

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Our Games

Exclusive, versatile, social

Our Games are developed exclusively for location-based entertainment. No troublesome user menus - instead, pure multiplayer fun for the whole family!

Dragon Hunters

The Fantasy Adventure

Protect your medieval castle against blazing dragons and other fabled creatures! How good are you with the bow?


Pure Horror

Travel down the depths of Heta 7 and try to stay alive amidst horrifying apparitions that will make your pulse race.

Fun Factory

Competitive Party Fun

Welcome to Fabios Fantastic Fun Factory. This game has something for everyone: Compete with bow and arrow, feed pigs, catch butterflies and much more. Take on this crazy adventure.

Holo Arena


Save the desert planet from the Void! Defend the arena against an overwhelming number of drones with your comrades using futuristic weaponry! This game requires good aiming, fast reactions and physical dexterity!

Chaos Commando

The chaotic Shouting Game

Command the most run-down space ship of all times held together only by its confused board computer and your crew. Will you make it to Earth in one piece?

Carpe Lucem

Seize the Light

Master the light to solve riddles in a mysterious, almost magical atmosphere. Enter the beautiful visual and auditive worlds of Carpe Lucem.

An entirePlatform

The One-Stop Solution

No more incompatibilities, difficult to administer multiplayer sessions or confusing booking tools. Our platform combines all in one fully-integrated system.


Simply done

Fully automatized matchmaking, shared tracking spaces and hot-join ability for any running game sessions make the administration of multiplayer games a cakewalk.


Simply plannable

Receive updates through our CDN, completely without Steam. Deploy them outside of your opening hours to all your stations with the press of a button.

Full Control

Simply clear

Control any number of rooms from PCs or tablets and maintain oversight over running sessions, support requests and cleaning processes with all your staff.

Player Support

Simply fast

Notice system errors before your users tell you. Whether you're facing discharged controllers, disconnects or tracking issues - fix problems even faster.

The Costs

Transparent and fair

"One Size fits all"? Not for us. Being an experienced operator of a franchise, we know the individual needs of different operators and real estate. Thus, we provide flexible solutions for your use case. This is an overview of our standard packages with prices for Europe and North America. For regional pricing, please reach out to us.

Holocafé Warpdrive

For Arcades with their own hardware
2,5 € / player&session
  • Games4
  • Updates & new contentincluded
  • Free-Roamingsupported
  • Players per Holosuite4
  • Local gameserver
  • Spectator function
  • Operator stationsunlimited

Holosuite 4X

The turn-key solution
29.500 €
  • Holocafé Warpdriveincluded
  • HTC Vive Pro4
  • PCs/Server5
  • Spectator Screen 55"1
  • Teufel 5.1 Surround System1
  • Trussing 6x5x3 meters
  • Installation on location
  • Hard- and software training


The full package
Talk to us
  • Holocafé Warpdriveincluded
  • Ticketing / online payment
  • Website
  • Business-/venue planning
  • Permits planning
  • Interior design
  • Territorial protection
  • Intense training
  • Franchise handbook
  • Priority support

Become a Partner

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You have an existing leisure facility and want to enhance it with a Holosuite? Or you are a founder and want to open an entirely new Holocafé? Please reach out to us.