Holo Arena

Defend an arena together against drones using futuristic weapons

  • Defend yourself with fire balls, plasma strikes and blasters
  • Cover your comrades with shields
  • Survive as long as you can

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Chaos Commando

Command the most inefficient space station of all times together. Can you save it from falling apart?

  • Command your teammates whilst dealing with toggles, switches and buttons yourself
  • Find the right buttons before everything explodes
  • Swiftness counts!

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  • USK6
  • 2-4
  • Puzzle
  • Co-Op
  • For beginners
  • Escape Room

Carpe Lucem

Seize the light! You and your friends can dive into a mysterious, almost magical atmosphere to solve puzzle using the help of colorful light beams. Escape into the wonderful, colorful and relaxing world of Carpe Lucem.

  • Unique 3D riddles
  • Use mirrors, prisms and other elements
  • Find the right solution for challenging riddles together

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