The mobile Holocafé

For events across Germany

The mobile Holocafé2Go delivers the unique Virtual Reality multiplayer experience straight to your event! Whether you're hosting an inhouse event or a trade fair, the Holocafé2Go enriches every event!

  • Intuitive, fun multiplayer games
  • Free locomotion in VR for a particularly immersive experience
  • High-grade hardware guarantees freedom from motion-sickness

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Our Games

Exclusive, versatile, social

Our Games are developed with group events in mind. No troublesome user menus - instead, pure multiplayer fun for the whole company!

Fun Factory

Competitive Party Fun

Welcome to Fabios Fantastic Fun Factory. This game has something for everyone: Compete with bow and arrow, feed pigs, catch butterflies and much more. Take on this crazy adventure.

Holo Arena


Save the desert planet from the Void! Defend the arena against an overwhelming number of drones with your comrades using futuristic weaponry! This game requires good aiming, fast reactions and physical dexterity!

Chaos Commando

The chaotic Shouting Game

Command the most run-down space ship of all times held together only by its confused board computer and your crew. Will you make it to Earth in one piece?

Carpe Lucem

Seize the Light

Master the light to solve riddles in a mysterious, almost magical atmosphere. Enter the beautiful visual and auditive worlds of Carpe Lucem.

Our Services

All inclusive

From the planning stage to deconstruction, we provide an all-round carefree package. You don't need to have knowledge of VR technology, we take care of everything!


For your event

We know the technological challenges exactly and consult you to make your event a success.


Across Germany

Our system construction allows for fast and reliable logistics. All we need is a load floor at the venue.



Our truss modules can be placed almost everywhere. We take care of construction, wiring and calibration on location.


We are there

Our staff is on location during the entire event, takes care of players and desinfection of the devices.

Enrich your Event

Contact us for more information

Send us information regarding your event and we'll reach out to you as quickly as possible!