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To make your experience special, our friendly team welcomes you on location and helps you with any questions and issues.


LTA Team Leader

Team leader Sebastian. With us from the start in the LTA Troisdorf team. Now also in the Holocafé team.

Favourite game: Chaos Commando


LTA Facility Manager

Laser commissioner and DIY king meets software and high-tech - hopefully that goes well.

Favourite game: Chaos Commando


Team Holocafé

Tech-savvy, computer skills... fits. Aside from lasertag & co. now also member of team Holocafé.

Favourite game: The Lab


Team Holocafé

Patrick's professional future will all be about software development. Welcome to the team.

Favourite game: Carpe Lucem


LTA Managing Director

Always has his finger on the pulse of time, looking forward to "the next big thing“ after internet and smartphone.

Favourite game: Chaos Commando

What about you?

Team Holocafé

More employees to follow. Are you looking for an engaging 450 € job? Apply now!