Physical Minimum Age

Dear parents: When using virtual reality, it's not just about content, but also the growth of your children, since the hardware must fit your child and not hurt their eyes. For that reason, we have introduced a minimum age of six years. Of course, every child grows at a different pace. Whether or not the VR headset fits your child is something you can measure at home: Measure the inter-pupillary distance from eye to eye. The minimum distance should not fall below 55 mm or else, your child will only see a blurred image. That not only ruins the fun, but also hurts the eyes. In general, smaller children will have difficulties comprehending the majority of the games. So while you are free to bring your children along, our general age recommendation is 10+.

Age Rating of our Games

As most of our Holosuites are serving a group of playres, the youngest player in the group is relevant for the availability of games. You can check our game's individual age ratings in this overview.

If you are under the age of 18, please make sure your have your ID card with you. Otherwise, we can only allow you to play titles rated 6+.

All regulations can be found in detail in our Terms of Service.